Designing a Better Future

What about a course designed to make your future better? Well look no further - Designing U is the solution. This leading edge course was developed based upon ground-breaking research in the world of positive psychology and design thinking. You have the ability to design and live a joyful, purposeful life. Regardless of what is holding you back there is a better design approach to your life. Through the course you learn exactly how to re-frame your thinking, evaluate your biggest challenges and creatively prototype solutions that work specifically for you. It takes the pressure off needing to know exactly what you need “to do”. Instead, you ideate what seems interesting, understanding your vision, values and strengths. You learn to enjoy the journey and dynamically change your life for the better.

Instead of looking for “the answer” design a life that is generative, – a life that is constantly creative, ever-changing, productive and evolving. Your life is not a thing but rather an experience that comes from the never-ending joy of designing and reframing it. The DesigningU course is rich in design thinking, positive psychology, personal branding and habit formation – it will most certainly change your direction if not your life. I have trained and been certified at both Stanford’s Design School and The University of Pennsylvania Department of Positive Psychology. I am so excited to bring you this transformative course!

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